Duknaah Restaurant

We are excited to take on the next project, Dukhnaah Restaurant, which is inspired by the Najd region’s architectural style and brings together a design that looks like something out of a fairytale. The walls are high, and are covered in white stones and gold leaf. Omar Al Nafisah is globally trained in fashion, design, and art, and he is proud of his Saudi heritage, so he is determined to make sure Arabia’s iconic elements are featured prominently. As per the King Salman Urban Charter, stone from the Riyadh mountains is used, as well as wooden doors estimated to be over 80 years old.

we welcome you to Dukhnaah in the heart of Riyadh! Step back in time and bask in luxury, an atmosphere of invitation and benevolence. The regal reception desk is a testimony to the solid manufacturing of mountain stone from Riyadh, decorated with fine etches complemented by the spark of gilded gold. Upon entry, your eyes are met by tall, majestic ceilings crafted out of السواكيف (Al Sawakeef) wood, which pays homage to the ancient architectural style of Riyadh.

Omar drew inspiration from the Roshen, the traditional Guest Reception Council in the Najdi architecture, renowned for its sophisticated gypsum decorations, lofty ceilings, and esteem for guests. To symbolically illustrate the worth of visitors and celebrate Arab culture, the gypsum ornaments were gilded.


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Omer Al Nafeesah is an accomplished Creative Designer deeply rooted in his Saudi heritage. He is an innovative thinker who mixes traditional with modern in a fluid manner to complement his designs. Omer studied fashion, design, and interior design and has had the privilege of sharing his creative style with some of the most iconic destinations in Saudi. He skillfully incorporates traditional Saudi styles into his wor