Oasis Restaurant

Nestled in the dunes of Malham, the Riyadh Oasis project was inspired by the simplistic and raw beauty of the historical Najd culture to offer a luxurious escape from city life. The Arabian nights come alive in the atmosphere of the Oasis, as it reflects the beauty and heritage of the Najd region with its iconic views. From the vast openness, the Oasis is crafted and curated as a glittering welcome for all, promising a timeless and pristine beauty that whispers secrets of nature.

We designed the reception tent to combine luxuriousness with simplicity to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. The decor featured soft lamplight, inviting music, and was inspired by traditional Bedouin tents with intricate sadu weaving and palm tree-featured columns, combining Arabic textures with modern pieces. Seating areas allowed guests not only to relax but interact in an environment enveloped in the hospitality of Arab culture.

The Oasis stage was conceived to create an extraordinary atmosphere of eclectic design, vibrant colors, and deeply-rooted Arabic traditions. It is a captivating platform that blends modern entertainment elements with aesthetic ideas, enabling musicians, artists, and guests to experience a magical evening in the Saudi desert.


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    Oasis Restaurant

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Omer Al Nafeesah is an accomplished Creative Designer deeply rooted in his Saudi heritage. He is an innovative thinker who mixes traditional with modern in a fluid manner to complement his designs. Omer studied fashion, design, and interior design and has had the privilege of sharing his creative style with some of the most iconic destinations in Saudi. He skillfully incorporates traditional Saudi styles into his work, blending old with modern to create an experience and art piece reflecting the true history of Saudi culture.