Jalasat Al Riyadh Nights Stage

The stage was designed in the Gulf style of a courtyard in the middle of one of the old neighborhoods between the facades of the houses from the outside. Omar used floor seating areas, Arabic benches close to the walls, and coffee-dining areas.
‏The structure of the house is a geometric shape (rectangular square) similar to the castle tower. A group of rectangles of varying sizes were distributed over its area, protruding outward as if darting forward.

Traditional architecture in the Gulf region is considered one of the most beautiful styles in the Arabian Peninsula through its unique design and aesthetics that reflect the culture and people of the region.

Generosity and hospitality are characteristics that Arabs have displayed since ancient times, and these cannot be abandoned even if they cost them their wealth and possessions. The past is the origin of the present, and no nation can rise without having its own heritage and authentic folklore to cherish, to become the pride of future generations. Ancient Eastern architecture is part of this folklore and, therefore, part of the culture of its people.

The old architecture reflected the mentality and culture of the old eastern region, as building materials were chosen from the environment, such as sea rock, clay, and gypsum, and sailors traveled to India and Africa to bring back iron wood, jandal and basjil to build small houses in proportion to the environment and conditions.

This stage was designed for “Jalasat Layali Al Riyadh” concert to revive the Gulf architecture to be an unforgettable night.


Design a stage to reflect the Khaliji heritage

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Omar Al Nafisah is an accomplished Creative Designer deeply rooted in his Saudi heritage. He is an innovative thinker who mixes traditional with modern in a fluid manner to complement his designs. Omar studied fashion, design, and interior design and has had the privilege of sharing his creative style with some of the most iconic destinations in Saudi. He skillfully incorporates traditional Saudi styles into his work.