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The Office: a contemporary design with intricate details where his unique signature unfurls. The color palette, a symphony of earthy pantones, harmonizes effortlessly with the surroundings. The office exudes opulence, with marble taking center stage. In the grand theater of geology, marble plays the role of a stoic thespian, with each fissure and flaw etching a chapter in the geological drama. Its polished facade reflects not just light but the chronicles of epochs long gone, capturing the essence of time in a glossy tableau. It creates an environment perfect for creative thoughts and business endeavors.

Heavy dark wood compliments the office, with large ceiling fixtures or wall designs, breathing life into each area allowing for serene business encounters.

This is not just an office; it’s a living, breathing masterpiece, an enchanting fusion of modernity and tradition. Omar Nafisah’s artistic vision has conjured a space that encapsulates the spirit of timelessness, an ode to the Saudi heritage, where every stroke and every shade tells a story, a story of innovation and the profound beauty of cultural fusion.


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Omar AlNafisah is an accomplished Creative Designer deeply rooted in his Saudi heritage. He is an innovative thinker who mixes traditional with modern in a fluid manner to complement his designs. Omar studied fashion, design, and interior design and has had the privilege of sharing his creative style with some of the most iconic destinations in Saudi. He skillfully incorporates traditional Saudi styles into his work