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The “Al-Diwaniyah Studio, Saudi Sports Channel” project was inspired by traditional Najd architecture, specifically Batn Al-Hawi, a traditional inner courtyard designed to regulate microclimate and ensure privacy. Natural components such as clay were used to reflect this ancient style and preserve the aesthetic, while still staying true to the ancient Najd region’s ethos. Located in the central highlands of Saudi Arabia known as the Najd Plateau— renowned for its beauty, cultural heritage, and the home of the ruling Al Saud Dynasty— the studio incorporates Najd’s traditional architectural elements in order to create a space of harmony and order.


Design Al-Diwaniyah Studio, Saudi Sports Channel

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    Saudi Sports Channel

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Omer Al Nafeesah is an accomplished Creative Designer deeply rooted in his Saudi heritage. He is an innovative thinker who mixes traditional with modern in a fluid manner to complement his designs. Omer studied fashion, design, and interior design and has had the privilege of sharing his creative style with some of the most iconic destinations in Saudi. He skillfully incorporates traditional Saudi styles into his wor