Riyadh Municipality Introduces Landscape Architecture Awards and Many More


Discover the latest endeavor by Riyadh Municipality as they unveil the Landscape Architecture Awards alongside an array of architectural accolades. Aimed at celebrating innovation and design excellence, these awards promise to spotlight remarkable projects and inspire a new wave of creativity in the urban landscape of Riyadh. 

Overview of the Landscape Architecture Awards 

The Riyadh Municipality’s introduction of the awards marks a significant step towards fostering creativity and excellence in urban design within the city. This initiative is part of a broader endeavor by the municipality to elevate architectural standards, promote sustainable development, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of Riyadh’s urban landscape. 

Comprising both individual and institutional categories, the awards aim to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in landscape architecture and urban design. With three winners to be selected in each category, participants are encouraged to showcase their projects that contribute positively to the environment. 

One of the primary objectives of these awards is to inspire architects, planners, urban designers, and experts to push the boundaries of conventional design and embrace innovative approaches that address contemporary urban challenges. By spotlighting exemplary projects, the awards not only celebrate creativity but also serve as a catalyst for positive change and progress in Riyadh’s architectural scene. 

Categories and Criteria: Understanding the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Awards 

The awards are structured to recognize and celebrate excellence in two distinct yet interrelated domains of design. Understanding the categories and criteria is crucial for prospective participants to align their submissions with the objectives and expectations set forth by the municipality. 

The Architecture Awards category encompasses a diverse range of architectural projects, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings, as well as healthcare, sports, entertainment, and transportation facilities. This breadth of categories reflects the municipality’s recognition of the multifaceted nature of architectural design and its impact on the urban fabric of Riyadh. Criteria for evaluation may include architectural innovation, sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, among others. 

On the other hand, the awards focus specifically on projects that contribute to the enhancement of the city’s outdoor spaces and urban environment. Eligible submissions may include landscape design initiatives, urban planning projects, and interventions aimed at improving public spaces and green infrastructure. Evaluation criteria for this category may prioritize factors such as ecological sustainability, integration with the surrounding context, social inclusivity, and the promotion of health and well-being. 

Both categories aim to recognize projects that demonstrate exceptional creativity, technical proficiency, and a commitment to addressing contemporary urban challenges. By honoring projects that exemplify these qualities, the municipality seeks to inspire and motivate architects, planners, and designers to push the boundaries of conventional design and contribute positively to the built environment of Riyadh. 

Importance of Recognition: Impact of the Riyadh Municipality Awards 

The Riyadh Municipality Awards hold profound importance not only for the architectural and design community but also for the broader urban fabric of the city. Recognition through these prestigious awards serves as a catalyst for various positive impacts, contributing to the advancement of architectural standards, fostering innovation, and enhancing the overall quality of urban spaces in Riyadh. 

First and foremost, receiving recognition signifies validation and appreciation of the hard work, creativity, and ingenuity invested in architectural and landscape design projects. This acknowledgment not only boosts the morale of architects, planners, and designers but also elevates their professional reputation and credibility within the industry. 

Moreover, the awards play a pivotal role in raising public awareness about the importance of high-quality design in shaping the built environment. By showcasing exemplary projects to the wider community, the awards highlight the transformative power of architecture and urban design in enhancing the livability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of cities. 

Furthermore, the recognition garnered can have tangible benefits for both the awarded projects and the city as a whole. Award-winning designs often attract positive attention from investors, developers, and policymakers, paving the way for their implementation and contributing to the revitalization and development of urban areas. Additionally, the spotlight on innovative and sustainable design practices can inspire emulation and serve as a model for future development initiatives, promoting a culture of excellence and responsible urban planning. 

Who Can Participate: Eligibility and Submission Guidelines 

Participation in the awards is open to a diverse range of professionals and institutions involved in architectural and urban design. Architects, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and experts from various related fields are encouraged to showcase their projects that have contributed positively to the built environment of Riyadh within the past five years. 

Individuals and institutions interested in participating must adhere to the eligibility criteria and submission guidelines outlined by the municipality. Eligible projects encompass a wide spectrum of architectural and urban design endeavors, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings, as well as landscape and urban design initiatives, healthcare facilities, sports complexes, entertainment venues, and transportation infrastructure. 

Each applicant is permitted to submit a maximum of five entries, providing ample opportunity for professionals to showcase their diverse portfolio of projects. This limit ensures fair representation and allows for a broad spectrum of innovative designs to be considered during the evaluation process. 

Submission of entries is facilitated through an online portal, streamlining the registration and submission process for participants. Detailed guidelines and instructions are provided to assist applicants in preparing and uploading their project documentation, ensuring clarity and consistency in the submission process. 

It’s worth noting that while the awards focus on projects built within Riyadh, applicants from both within and outside the city are welcome to participate, provided their projects have made a significant impact on Riyadh’s urban fabric and contribute positively to the city’s development goals. 

The Evaluation Process: Insights into the Panel of Experts 

The evaluation process for the awards is characterized by a meticulous and rigorous assessment conducted by a distinguished panel of experts and university professors. This panel, comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, and related fields, plays a pivotal role in determining the winners across various categories. 

The panel of experts is carefully selected to ensure diversity in expertise and perspectives, thereby ensuring a comprehensive evaluation process. Members of the panel possess a deep understanding of contemporary design principles, sustainable practices, and the socio-cultural context of Riyadh, enabling them to assess submissions with a critical yet informed perspective. 

Throughout the evaluation process, the panel considers a range of criteria to assess the merit of each submission. These criteria may include architectural innovation, functionality, sustainability, contextual appropriateness, social impact, and aesthetic appeal, among others. By evaluating submissions against these criteria, the panel aims to identify projects that demonstrate excellence in design while addressing the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Riyadh’s urban landscape. 

Transparency and fairness are paramount throughout the evaluation process, with each submission receiving thorough scrutiny and consideration. Panel members engage in deliberative discussions, drawing upon their collective expertise to reach informed decisions and select the most deserving winners in each category. 

Additionally, the evaluation process is conducted with utmost integrity and confidentiality to uphold the credibility and prestige of the awards. Measures are in place to ensure that conflicts of interest are avoided, and decisions are made solely based on the merits of the submissions. 

Key Dates and Deadlines: Navigating Registration and Submission 

Navigating the registration and submission process for the awards requires careful attention to key dates and deadlines to ensure successful participation. These dates are strategically set to facilitate a smooth and organized progression from registration to evaluation. 

The registration period typically opens several weeks before the submission deadline, providing participants with ample time to prepare and submit their entries. Registrations commenced on 6 August and are scheduled to continue until 12 October, allowing interested individuals and institutions to register their intent to participate within this timeframe. 

Following registration, participants must adhere to the submission deadline, which marks the cutoff date for submitting their projects for evaluation. It’s crucial for participants to allocate sufficient time to prepare their submissions, ensuring that all required documentation and materials are compiled and uploaded to the online portal before the deadline. In the case of the Riyadh Municipality Awards, the submission deadline falls after the registration period, providing participants with a window of opportunity to finalize their entries and make any necessary adjustments. 

Once the submission deadline has passed, the evaluation phase commences, during which a panel of experts and university professors rigorously assesses the submissions based on predefined criteria. This evaluation process typically spans several weeks, allowing the panel sufficient time to review each submission thoroughly and reach informed decisions regarding the winners in each category. 

Navigating these key dates and deadlines requires proactive planning and organization on the part of participants. By staying informed and adhering to the specified timelines, participants can maximize their chances of successful participation in the awards, contributing to the celebration of architectural excellence and innovation in Riyadh’s urban landscape. 


As Riyadh Municipality’s Landscape Architecture Awards initiative takes flight, it promises to reshape the city’s urban fabric through innovation and excellence. With a platform that fosters creativity and recognizes outstanding projects, the future of Riyadh’s architectural landscape shines brighter than ever before, inspiring a wave of transformative design endeavors. 

Omar Al Nafisah
Omar Al Nafisah